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My Approach

When I read a person's energy I go through my own Soul Energy and it's connection to a higher power. I do this with complete love and trust. This trust has developed because of witnessing the miracle of being in the presence of another's Soul and their connection to God or Source. This sometimes appears as a beautiful ribbon of light made up of energy colors. I completely trust the information I am given even if it does not make sense at the time. Crossed over loved ones, Guides, Angels, and even religious figures can come through during a reading. It depends on the person and what their energy wants to communicate to them. 

I often find the energy directing a healing. I am only describing what is taking place because it always comes from the energy itself. Healings can include old energy blocks, ancestral healing. It is all dictated by the energy.

My Story

I learned that in order to find my peace and balance, the most important thing was to work on the connection to my own energy. With that came the driving push to help others do the same. I consider myself a student of Source, or God, Energy and I am always open to what else is possible with readings. It has changed and shifted in many ways throughout the years and continues to do so.

My heart lights up when I am sharing with others that we all have access to this doorway and through this doorway is the Soul and the Soul’s connection to Source Energy. This connection can expand our awareness and intuition.

Buddha Statue
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